Day 16

Giving and receiving Mary and Joseph on our posada is a special moment that requires us to think about what it means to receive Jesus not only into our home, but into our heart as well. This is what it says on the instruction card in the picture:

Deliverer:  Will you receive Mary and Joseph into your home tonight?

Receiver:   We / I will

The deliverer then hands over the figures

Deliverer:   Will you make room for Jesus in your heart(s) this Christmas?

Receiver:    We / I will

Deliverer:   Lord Jesus Christ, prepare our hearts to welcome you now, and 

                        may we be ready to welcome you when you come again.   AMEN

While the figures are with you please take time to reflect on ways in which we need to prepare ourselves for our Saviour’s coming. May God Bless you through this experience.  

Whether or not you have taken part in the posada this year it is still important to make room for Jesus in our hearts this Christmas. We will be thinking about this together at the Crib Service on Christmas Eve when when Mary and Joseph finally arrive at the stable. Will you be there to welcome them ?

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