Day 20

Are we nearly there yet? Yes we are!! just one more night before we welcome Mary and Joseph into the church at the end of their long journey. To those of you who have taken part – thank you for your hospitality. To those of you who wish you had taken part – join us next year!!

Our annual posada is a shared journey. It is something we do together. We are all links in a chain. We are one community, wanting to reflect on the miracle of God taking on human flesh. Fully human, and fully divine.

‘We give thanks for the fellowship that belonging to a community brings. Thank you Lord for the church of which we are members. Bless all who share in its life and worship. Amen’

Lord Jesus, help us to share the good news of your coming with those around us. Prepare us in mind and spirit as we wait for you to return to our world once more. Amen’  

Mary and Joseph are still travelling for now. They have moved on to Dinton from where they will come to Stone Church. Join us there at 4pm on Christmas Eve when we will gather to welcome them.


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