Day 3

In the Bible there are lots of examples of waiting. The people of Israel waited for many generations for their Messiah to come but they had to be patient just as we need to be during Advent. When we watch the news on the television and see the troubles around the world people often ask ‘Why doesn’t God do something?’ it can be hard to understand why he doesn’t seem to intervene straight away.

In Matthew 13:24-29 Jesus told a parable about a field of wheat with weeds growing in it. The servants of the farmer wanted to pull the weeds up straight away but the farmer stopped them because they might pull up the wheat as well. He told them to wait for the harvest when they would be more easily separated.

This parable is all about waiting and watching but waiting and watching is what we find difficult – we need to pray for patience! This is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit who can help us to live as God’s people.

Mary and Joseph have now moved on from Creslow Way. They have found more friends in Faithfull Close.

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