Day 4

A few days ago I went shopping in a well known Aylesbury supermarket and it was very busy. It did not take long for me to become separated from my husband who had gone off somewhere with the trolley. ‘Never mind’ I thought as  he should be easy to spot if I walked up and down the central aisle looking left and right. In my mind I was saying ‘short grey man in a brown coat’……….’short grey man ……..brown coat’…………..’short man with grey hair wearing a brown coat’…………..’brown coat’………’short man’…..’grey hair’……’man in brown coat NOT answering his phone’.  After a while I wondered if I had seen him but not recognised him. There were too many short men – too much grey hair – and why was everyone wearing a brown coat?

This simple example reminds us that we need to slow down and take careful notice of what is going on around us. We might think we know what we are looking for, but will we recognise it when we see it? There are many signs of God’s presence in the world but do we really see them? And do we take the time to enjoy them? Maybe you can see Him in the beauty of the sunrise or in an encounter with someone you have met. Before you go to sleep tonight think back through your day and say thankyou to God for all the signs of his presence that you have recognised.

Our Mary and Joseph have found shelter tonight in Beacon Close.

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