Day 6

Most of us are familiar with Advent customs such as calendars (with or without chocolate!), Advent wreaths with candles, and Advent candles themselves. While these traditions are popular they aren’t the only way that Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Around the world there are other customs too. Many (but not all) are part of the Catholic tradition.

In Alpine countries children carry a statue of Joseph to a different home each night during Advent. Then on Christmas Eve Joseph is put next to Mary in the stable. There are similarities here with our village Posada but in our custom Mary travels with Joseph as a representation of the journey they took together to Bethlehem.

Our Posada is based on the Mexican tradition which originally came from Spain. However, in Mexico people dress as Mary and Joseph and process through the community from house to house. They only do this for the last nine days of Advent though.

This year is our fifth Posada and it has already become an established custom. We hope you enjoy taking part. We hope it brings us together as a community, waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus.

still travelling

Our Mary and Joseph have now travelled to Eythrope Road.

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