Day 7

Have you seen this year’s Christmas advert on BBC TV? it features a hard working single Dad and his daughter who is practicing her dance routine for the school Christmas concert.

The daughter is hurt because she feels her dad has not been paying her any attention as he is always busy, often on his phone. When the girl steps out onto the stage at her big performance, she first thinks her dad is not there to support her and she is on the verge of tears. Then she sees him sitting at the back and, he hops onto the stage. He reminds her of the all-important dance moves she’s been practicing and we see them dance together in perfect harmony.

Our Heavenly Father is never too busy to listen to us. We always have his full attention. Sometimes though we can feel as though he is not listening. What joy when we discover that he has not only been listening all along but that he is there beside us as well! We might not recognise that until the moments we step out of our own comfort zone and acknowledge our dependence on him.

I am always amazed at Mary’s response when she is told by the Angel that she will have a baby ‘I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said’. Mary would soon be moving out of her own ‘comfort zone’ but she trusted totally in God to be with her – and so must we when we step out on our journey of faith with him.

Mary and Joseph have moved on to Cottage Grounds but they found time on their journey today to call in to the Jubilee Pavilion for refreshment at the Parklife café. Were you there to see them ?


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