What is the Stone Facilities Fund?

The Stone Facilities Fund is a fundraiser to install some much needed facilities into the Tower Base of St John The Baptist, Stone.

These Facilities include a Toilet and a Kitchenette.

Where is the project at?

Stone Church Facilities Fund – Where We Are Now


Stone Church Fabric Committee would like to express its thanks to all those who have pledged and already given to the Facilities Fund.

Over recent months, the Fabric Committee has had to re-think quite a few issues involving the installation of a toilet and kitchenette at Stone Church.

It was suggested, in view of the many difficulties and the cost involved with installing the drainage for the toilet and kitchenette, that a cesspit in the churchyard might be a viable and much cheaper option. It has been ascertained that there would be no objection from the local council for such work and the committee has decided to go with this.

We have also decided that the kitchenette screen should be removed so that the area will be open plan.

Some re-planning of the toilet and kitchenette is needed, therefore,  before we can apply to the Diocese for a faculty giving us permission to carry out the work.  Once we have this, funds and contractors permitting, we hope that the drainage work will be able to be started.

We would appreciate any outstanding pledges to be honoured as soon as possible.

If you can, please Gift Aid your donation so that your money goes further.

We plan to give you more updates in the coming months.

Can I Help?



This is a much need part of our upgrade work, however it is also very costly.

Therefore, We need contributions towards the cost to get this project of the ground.

If you can’t afford to donate a sum of money, don’t worry, we understand it is tight at the moment, however, we would ask you to have a look at the Giving Machine (below) as there is no cost to you.

Thank You.

The Giving Machine

An exciting initiative where we can raise money for FREE

The Giving MachineThe Giving MachineThe Giving Machine
What Is It?

The Giving Machine is a scheme where we receive a donation from you everytime you shop online without costing you a penny.

How does it work?

When you login to do your online shop, First visit The Giving Machine.

Then when you check out your shop, the shop will know you have a Giving Machine account and will make a donation to us on your behalf, Without costing you a penny.

How to sign up?

The Giving Machine – How To Guide

  • Click Here To Join!
  • Type in your details – note: there are some tick-boxes you may need to click/unclick depending on whether you wish to receive updates from the site
  • The Facilities Fund will be added to you giving account. (Please search for ‘St John tthe Baptist Facilities Fund’ if it is not added to your account automatically.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Continue’
  • You are now signed up and ready to shop! You will be given the option to install a programme which reminds you to log in to Giving Machine before you shop – click ‘Install’ if you wish to do this (it’s recommended – it means a pop-up will appear when you visit an eligible website and will direct you to sign in via Giving Machine – if you don’t do that we don’t get a donation!
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January 21, 2018
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January 28, 2018
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February 21, 2018
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February 26, 2018
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