Sunday 7th

Thankyou to all the children who came to church last Sunday and helped put the Wise Men in our stable under the altar. They do look splendid don’t they!

Rev Nadine Rose explained that the arrival of the Wise Men marked a new beginning for them, just as the New Year is a new beginning for us. She asked how many of us had made New Year resolutions, and how many had managed to keep them so far.

With the help of three other voices we heard a poem about three children who had made New Year resolutions. The first and second had made lots of resolutions but then struggled to keep them. The third child made just one – to do a good deed every day – and she kept it up all year. Nadine explained this was because she kept it simple and manageable. More importantly though, over time the good deeds she did started to transform her community. Little by little we CAN make a difference. Nadine told us that actions often speak louder than words, so she challenged us all to follow this example.


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